Saturday, December 13, 2008



All Thai mangoes are sweet, juicy, and fragrant, when ripe. However the "Nam Dawk Mai" and "Ok Long" variety are best known. They are the favourite choices as dessert fruit or as "Mango and Sticky (glutinous) Rice", a popular dessert during the peak of the mango season in the summer.

Ma muang Nam Dawk Mai

Ma muang Nam Dawk Mai and Sticky (glutinous) Rice

Ma muang Ok Long

Ma muang Ok Longand Sticky (glutinous) Rice(I love it.)

Ma-muang Keow Savoey" is also delicious as ripe mango but Thais prefer to enjoy both of these as raw mango served with a dry salt-and-sugar dip seasoned with crushed chilli called prik kab kleua or a savoury chilli dip prepared by blending palm sugar with fish sauce heated to a caramel-like consistency called nam pla wan.

Ma-muang Keow Savoey

Ma-muang Keow Savoey and nam pla wan

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