Saturday, December 13, 2008

Som(Thai Orange )


Fresh Thai tangerines have a highly aromatic thin greenish-yellow peel and are refreshingly sweet when ripe, perfect when served as fresh fruit or as a juice or cocktail mixer. To make the most of its delicate refreshing taste, oranges are served in a very light syrup on crushed ice.


Peak season for Thai Orange on September to February for the tangerine or "Som Keow Wan" September to November for the Sweet Orange .

Food for "Som"in Thailand.

Orenge cake.

Orenge Pie.

Thai Orange Park.

Thai Tangerine Park(In Thai Som-Keaw-Wan).



All Thai mangoes are sweet, juicy, and fragrant, when ripe. However the "Nam Dawk Mai" and "Ok Long" variety are best known. They are the favourite choices as dessert fruit or as "Mango and Sticky (glutinous) Rice", a popular dessert during the peak of the mango season in the summer.

Ma muang Nam Dawk Mai

Ma muang Nam Dawk Mai and Sticky (glutinous) Rice

Ma muang Ok Long

Ma muang Ok Longand Sticky (glutinous) Rice(I love it.)

Ma-muang Keow Savoey" is also delicious as ripe mango but Thais prefer to enjoy both of these as raw mango served with a dry salt-and-sugar dip seasoned with crushed chilli called prik kab kleua or a savoury chilli dip prepared by blending palm sugar with fish sauce heated to a caramel-like consistency called nam pla wan.

Ma-muang Keow Savoey

Ma-muang Keow Savoey and nam pla wan

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thai fruits.

Thai fruits

Thailand has fresh fruits all the year round .You can meet many fresh fruits on street 0r fresh-food market.Thai fruits are delicious and mostly are sweet.Thailand is popularly known as the "land of smiles", "land of yellow robes" and probably another popularity of Thailand is a land of tropical fruits as the country is blessed with a myriad of delicious tropical and temperate fruits which only vary depending on the season.As Thai fruit farmers are always eager to plant new varieties and improve the existing varieties, Thailand is never without fruit. In the country side, some fruit trees such as bananas are also used as a fence around their houses, though they are far inferior to barbed-wire, they provide greenery and fresh air to all living nearby.